MOTORHOME.ee offers a great variety of new, high-quality and well-equipped motorhomes for rent. From our selection you will find a suitable 4- to 7-seater campervan. Renting a campervan offers you limitless possibilities for travelling wherever and whenever you wish. Modern motorhomes are thermally insulated and equipped with a high-level heating system which means you can even go for a winter ski vacation. They also include all the amenities from huge fridges to big bathrooms. A modern motorhome is equipped with a powerful, ecological and environment-friendly diesel engine (EURO 6D) that has the fuel consumption between 9-11 l per 100 km. For renting a campervan, make a reservation on MOTORHOME.ee website choosing the suitable vehicle from our selection or contact us for additional information!


Luxurious fully integrated campervan that meets the expectations of even the most demanding traveller.


Spacious campervans that satisfy the needs of a bigger group housing up to 6 to 7 passengers.

Comfort plus +

Spacious models with extra amenities.


Comfortable, compact, and user-friendly, VAN class vehicles are ideal for smaller groups and couples. These vehicles offer practical solutions and are an excellent choice for both city and nature trips.


Very comfortable models that house up to 5 passengers.

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