ROLLER TEAM is a dynamic Italian manufacturer of quality motorhomes that has made a name for itself throughout Europe, being widely known in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, as well as in the Nordic countries – Sweden and Norway. By the way, ROLLER TEAM motorhomes are also sold in New Zealand! As part of the TRIGANO GROUP, which unites Europe’s largest motorhome manufacturers, ROLLER TEAM’s guiding principle is to produce modern, innovative and durable motorhomes at competitive prices. Known for its unique style, personality and affordability, ROLLER TEAM motorhomes are becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe. ROLLER TEAM has also been valued among camper fans in Estonia, being one of the best-selling camper brands in Estonia in 2018.


Never stop dreaming… now it’s possible!

The best price-to-equipment ratio on the market.

All ROLLER TEAM motorhome models have solar panels and a rear view camera as a standard equipment.

The widest range of models in the industry with a total of more than 30 different models – alcoves, semi-integrated and even fully integrated models.

Choice of either a FORD Transit or a FIAT Ducato Camper undercarriage!


Perfect value for money! Very good basic equipment! Modern Scandinavian design!

The basic equipment includes solar panels on the roof, a rear view camera with two lenses, a multimedia center with a 7 ″ screen, additional speakers in the rear bedroom, storage rooms on the floor and on the side of the vehicle, etc. High aftermarket value guaranteed in the future!

There’s 26 models to choose from!

Motorhomes housing 4 to 7 passengers – alcove-type, semi-integrated, fully integrated models.



You will feel at home both inside the motorhome and on the road!

The NEW GRANDUCA is designed for the most demanding motorhome enthusiasts who love design, functionality and safety with the most innovative technical solutions. The full double bottom creates space for an additional storage space, as well as all the car’s technical systems and water tanks between the two floors, ensuring protection from the cold climate as well as ideal access to the necessary equipment.

The captivating Italian design and the use of modern and high-quality materials will make the new GRANDUCA your travel home for years to come!


Created and produced by professionals in their field. Professionals whose only job is to create VANs!

Optimized indoor use: floor hatch, storage, raised or removable beds, cabinets, drawers, etc.

Ideal thermal insulation: the entire body of the VAN is insulated with first-class insulation materials, the technologies used have enabled the VANs to obtain a high-level “LEVEL 3” thermal insulation certificate.

The ROLLER TEAM LIVINGSTONE VAN model range includes a total of 6 different interior solutions.

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