By choosing your campervan from McLouis motorhomes, you will find yourself in the middle of high-quality Italian design! These motorhomes combine a unique look with functionality and modern technology, all at the best price! McLouis is a widespread motorhome brand in Europe and the best-selling one in many countries.


Why choose a McLOUIS motorhome?

♥ DESIGN and QUALITY – Innovative Italian design and high quality at the most competitive price on the Estonian market.

♥ PERFECT EQUIPMENT – basic and additional equipment ideally suited to Estonia’s conditions. There is no need to purchase a large number of accessories separately.

♥ FUNCTIONAL and THOUGHTFUL INTERIOR SOLUTIONS – the rear bed can be manually moved up and down to ensure optimal use of both the bed and the rear garage (middle bed and cross bed models). Door with insect screen. On semi-integrated models, the bed in the living area is electrically lowered. Large panoramic sunroof above the cab (semi-integrated models).

♥ OPTIMIZED WEIGHT – the use of modern, lightweight materials ensures the lightest possible unladen weight – more capacity for carrying.

♥ VERY HIGH AFTERMARKET VALUE – Thanks to modern design, state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials, the aftermarket value of a McLouis motorhome is always above the market average.

♥ 100% WEATHER RESISTANT – exterior walls, floor and ceiling are made of durable, weather resistant glass plastic, modern water-repellent Styrofoam (also known as Extruded Polystyrene or XPS) is used as an insulation material, only composite materials are used in the load-bearing frame (100% wood-free construction guarantees its long life and resistance to weather conditions).

♥ CAMPERVAN FOR THE NORTHERN EUROPEAN WINTERS – Styrofoam used as insulation materials has a thickness of 33 mm in the walls and as much as 54 mm in the floor, which ensures very good heat resistance even in the harshest colds. Modern, high-quality air or liquid heaters ensure a pleasant stay in any weather. The water systems of the motorhome are also located in the insulated part of the vehicle, so there is no need to be afraid that the pipes freeze. The sewage tank of the motorhome is insulated and also electrically heated.

Among the McLouis motorhomes, you will always find the right companion in the form of a low-profile, alcove, fully integrated or VAN type model. Each one of them is perfectly furnished and designed to be ready whenever you feel the need to set off again.

MOTORHOME.ee in cooperation with McLOUIS has developed a special series of special models for the Estonian market – McLOUIS LIMITED EDITION. With these special models, we bring to Estonian motorhome enthusiasts the best price and, of course, all the necessary equipment.


McLouis NEVIS 2024

The McLouis NEVIS model series motorhomes are class A, fully integrated models are incomparable in terms of ease of use and practicality. The class A fully integrated models are the flagships of motorhomes, offering their users 5* amenities throughout the journey.
Dignified design, modern technical solutions and the use of high-quality materials make NEVIS a representative model of McLouis that offers the best value for money compared to its competitors, while offering an excellent level of basic equipment. From the McLouis NEVIS model range, you will find the right one, regardless of the size of your travel party – there are seats for up to 5 passengers, depending on the model.

In 2024, McLouis will introduce one new model series 800. The 800 series are completely redesigned model. Find out more on the McLouis website!

McLouis MC4, 2024

The McLouis MC 4 model series symbolizes a modern and comfortable motorhome, which is why it is still the most common today – a motorhome with a low profile or, in other words, a semi-integrated body type. The special feature of these models is, in particular, that the body shape is streamlined, which in turn helps to reduce fuel consumption.

McLouis MC 4 models are modern, spacious and offer smart solutions. Their spaciousness and practicality are a worthy competitor to the Class A fully integrated models. All McLouis MC 4 models are equipped with an electrically fold-down bed in the living area, the level of basic equipment is more perfect than of the competitors and it also includes everything essential.

In 2024, McLouis will introduce three model series, the Yearling, 300 and 800. All series are completely redesigned models. Find out more on the McLouis website!

McLouis GLAMYS 2024

The McLouis Glamys model series is an alcove-type campervan. The special feature of the alcove (in other words also the cab-over or coachbuilt) models is that there is a spacious stationary 2-person bed built above their driver’s cab.

As the maximum number of passenger and sleeping places is up to 7 for the alcove-type models, this model series is especially preferred by families with children and group of friends.

The 2024 McLouis 300 Series has a completely new design. Find out more on the McLouis website

McLouis MENFYS VAN 2024

The McLouis MENFYS VAN model series is a compact and comfortable motorhome integrated in a FIAT DUCATO van. Being smaller in size than a traditional motorhome, the VAN-type motorhome offers wider opportunities to access beautiful places to where you can’t normally go with a normal-sized motorhome.

McLouis MENFYS VAN models are equipped with the latest technology and offer particularly smart and space-saving solutions.

Find out more on the McLouis website

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