Why rent a campervan?


You wish to travel comfortably wherever you heart pleases but spending a night under the stars in a tent is not for you? Do you wish to explore new locations in Estonia or even in whole Europe? You crave for comfort and luxury and you don’t want to depend on the weather? You wish to enjoy everything you are used to at home, in a hotel or a summer cottage and see the world at the same time?

Renting a campervan gives you just that!

Rent a new, modern and fully-equipped campervan from MOTORHOME.ee! Our high-quality and new campervans offer you an exclusive opportunity for exploring the world! MOTORHOME.ee campervans can also be rented with an “All-Inclusive” package which means you don’t need to pack anything but your clothes, personal items and food products. With the “All-Inclusive” package you have no need to spend a full day of your holiday for packing and another day for unpacking. Don’t worry about whether everything got packed for the vacation or not. No need to worry about unpacking after the vacation either. Thanks to that you will win yourself two extra vacation days. You can find out more about the “All-Inclusive” package here.

Simple and full of opportunities


Travelling in a campervan is comfortable, flexible and interesting. It gives you complete freedom: freedom to plan your journey, the duration of your trip and stopping points. Every day of the journey holds in itself a new experience and only you decide where you will wake up the next morning. You will see and experience a lot more travelling in a campervan stopping where and when you wish whether for a cup of coffee on a mountain with a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape or for a quick swim on a beautiful beach. Driving a campervan is very easy and all you need is a B-category driving licence. Come and rent a campervan and go exploring with your friends or family right now! Renting a campervan is easy!

Spending a night in a campervan


When renting a campervan you don’t need to worry about where to spend the night or be disappointed in the chosen hotel that looked better on the photos. Nor do you need to be dependent on the flight schedules or deal with being afraid of flying. Spend your holiday exactly where you wish to and a comfortable summer home is always with you. Travelling in a campervan is suitable for families, couples and friends! Choose a suitable motorhome from our selection and your unforgettable vacation can start!

All the amenities


MOTORHOME.ee campervans are new, modern and with all the amenities. In the campervans there is a kitchen that includes a fridge with a freezer, gas stove and a sink plus many spacious drawers and cupboards for comfortably storing kitchen-ware and food products. This makes cooking practically as easy as in your own kitchen at home. All the campervans include a bathroom that eliminates the need for stopping all the time. In case of colder weather a Truma Combi gas-heating system can be switched on which heats the water and makes sure you are cosy inside even in the winter when going skiing in the Nordic countries. In all the motorhomes rented by us have a TV (in most cars with with a DVD-player) and HDMI/USB connections. Depending on the model there are up to 7 spacious sleeping places for spending the night.

All the MOTORHOME.ee campervan vehicle’s are new and in high quality so there is no need to worry about being stuck on the road. There is also a 24 h car service for campervans in the whole Europe.

Fuel consumption (diesel) in new campervans is between 8,5 and 11l per 100 km which depends on the chosen driving speed.

Check out MOTORHOME.ee’s selection of campervans and the terms and conditions and get an offer for your next unforgettable trip!

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